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so i have not updated this thing in so long...i suck at having a journal. the problem with this is that most of what i would write in here would probably come off as emo and i dont want to have people thinking of me that way now do i?

anyway...i'm going to dayton this weekend so thats exciting. we are going to visit bridgets boyfriend frank. he has becom a chef so he is going to be cooking for us which is awesome, but the best part of this is that i dont have to go to school today because we need to get on the road. i'm just happy to not be in class and to have a semi-good excuse as to why not. i just finished packing and now i'm listening to my iPod (thank you evan for hooking me up) and another pyramid from Aida is on...i love that song/musical... musicals are awesome. that was random.

i think i'm going to end this entry now because its not coherant and neither am i. so ta ta to all those who still care about what i write in here...

i doubt there are many of you


I just spilled coffee all over the kitchen when I saw you posted.

Whenever I open a door now, coffee spills out everywhere.

It's delicious.
haha...i'm a bit glad and i'm a bit sad that im the cause of you spilling coffee
(Deleted comment)
oh i love you too son!!!!! where are you thinking your going to go to college?