so i'm at work and i pretty much have nothing to do right now...acutally i have to make an advertisement for ice cream but i already know what i'm going to do for that so it shouldn't take me long.

i'm kinda tired cause i got up at 5:30 today and yesterday because i had to be at work at 7:00 which was no fun...but tonight i'm going to go see the omen at 10:30 with audrey and kristen which should be fun since its 6/6/06. wouldnt it suck to have a baby today. if i worked in a hospital and someone wanted to name their baby damien today i would smack them in their head and tell them hell no. <--that was kinda random..oh well i'm tire leave me alone :)

ok i realize now that i'm just rambling to be rambling...i think it's because i like typing so much that i'm still talking right now...i have nothing important to say but yet i cant stop...whatever..

ok entry offically over...your welcome